Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Notes on Healing Our Self

As I pursue knowledge, training and greater ability at working with the body(mind) for greater health, energy and opening of awareness I find myself speaking with more people all the time who are very interested in what I am doing and in how they might benefit from understanding it. I am working with people on a range of things that includes management of water quality, food choices, design, cooking skills and even certain kinds of behavioral change.

I think that people see us differently depending on the hat we wear when we interact with them. I'm wearing a few hats, but the conversations all seem to come back to creating whole experience. Many people experience lack and they seek to fill it. Folks who have tried some very ineffective or even destructive ways of filling the holes, will start to seek out real, lasting solutions as they observe and reconsider the strategies they've used and that have failed them; What I am happily discovering these days is that real, lasting solutions exist, in fact, they've been here all along. Of course!

When it comes to healing our body, our mind I am finding that many people seek outside constantly and that as a culture we seem to be conditioned to ask someone else what to do when we are not well. When working with people on more existential questions I refer to this as "exporting power". When there is no obvious physical construction to what is being worked on, one can often, very quickly and easily, see the contradiction of going outside to find solutions or help. "Obviously, if this is just a thought I am having, then once I make an effort, I can think something else!", one might think. And it is true. Then, once the new thoughts are thunk, we can make a habit of thinking in these new ways anytime we have an issue.

In tension with this is our relationship to the physical wherein we are often taught to treat the body(brain) as if it belongs to someone else and is not in our domain. But if not ours then whose is it? I say that it is ours first; by "ours" I mean whomever is there looking out from the point of view that locates your awareness as emanating from the physical location around which "your" body is manifest. Even if you maintain certain religious stands, then God(s) have given you this body as a vessel to care for and to transport you through this incarnation.

Point being, that we are the ones who must ultimately be responsible for the body(mind) which we inhabit. It is good to seek opinions, to seek help, to seek medicine. But, in the final count, we must take responsibility and to do so we must have the most complete connection and receptivity between that physical vehicle and our infinite intelligence as we can create. We do this through many means including exercise, massage, yoga (union), sex, eating, drinking fresh water, breathing good air and much else.

In regards to many of the folks I have spoken to who are at the threshold of taking control of this aspect of their lives; The most important factor in healing our selves is knowing that we can, knowing that we have control of our health, of our bodies, of our weight, of our energy, our strength our focus and our thoughts, even what we do with our emotions. Once we decide what we want from our health and that we can bring it about, we've taken the first step to making it real.

To illustrate; I spoke to someone the other day who had mild diabetic condition and he was opining the misery of his incurable condition. I told him that there are people who don't believe it incurable and that it's being cured daily, he could check out what Tree of Life had to say about it or just search the web if he liked. He told me that if it were curable he wouldn't have it. I asked him if he had considered quitting smoking. I think this bares itself well enough. He is living in a stunted personal paradigm of possibility. If he's diabetic and smoking a pack-a-day, then what has he really done about his dis-ease?

I met another fellow in the desert in Nevada, he'd developed a brain tumor and been given 6 months by his doctors. He cried, moped, gave up and then lifted his middle finger high for all to see. This gentlemen left for the Amazon basin and worked with a shaman there who told him he couldn't understand why the tumor should kill him and administered a series of treatment. That was about... 12 years ago, he's been in remission ever since. Everyone has heard these kind of stories, but what we should start to understand is that they are the rule, not the exception. We live in a miraculous world and the first step to performing miracles is taking responsibility for ourselves, understanding our own power.

In every case of healing, what must happen first, even if we must find help of a practitioner in a specific field, is that we must align with a belief in our ability to become what it is we desire, in this case, healthy; Then we can find the medicine we require. The state, the resonant energy, always pre-exists the manifestation. We must be ready to receive before any solution will come. Why should anyone internalize the idea of "incurable" about a condition they have? Or, in reductionist terms, what harm could possibly come from believing that one can do good for oneself?

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