Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Super Fruit Mash... Deluxe Recharge

This is a recipe that I make a a little different each time and you can do it with all kinds of fruit. The following is a basic version that includes the ingredients I consider most essential, just remember if you change the fruit, you might need to change the sorts of spices or other sweeteners you use in order to get a balance. This preparation will give you great soothing energy. It is delicious and speaks directly to your body. I started creating variations of this while in Peru traveling in the Amazon basin. None of the foods in it need refrigeration or cooking and it can be done with a knife, fork and spoon which is all I had to use. It was the perfect food to recharge the whole bodymind after a strenuous night.

Ceremonial Mash:

2 T coconut oil
1 ripe banana
Big handful raw cacao nibs
handful raw almonds, mashed or cut up slightly.
1 Mango, torn up
t Maca
vanilla bean if you've got it
bit of honey, start small, it may need very little

Mash it all together, being sure to spread the coconut oil among the other ingredients.

The fat source is very important, especially if you've been taxing your mind adventuring. Sub avocado for coconut oil, maybe even Durian fruit. No Mangos?? No problem, lose 'em altogether or try some papaya, cherries, bluberries, strawberries. Most things will work if you adjust the other flavors. Prepare as attentivley as you can in a beautiful piece of glass or ceramic ware and it will bring great life to all those who partake.


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