Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some feedback on dehydrated breads and crackers.

Since I had some dried cornmeal and spelt I tried using them as ingredients in some of what I did. I've decided not to do that anymore. It's tasty, but missing something that seems only to come from baking. I've made some other breads using sprouted buckwheat, sprouted kamut, ground flax, chia seed and various other ingredients. The breads with the sprouted grains are far and above the ones made with ground, dried. I also experimented with using other vegetables such as zuchinni, tomatoes and onions all of which helped to produce a more flexible and tasty bread. The bread made with sprouted grains, but without zuchinni and tomatoes is very good but is more like a thick cracker. I prefer the softer, thin breads and will concentrate on them. I may try making a tortilla chip when fresh corn becomes available. Crackers are no problem.

I've got a Garden Master dehydrator, it's fantastic, but it's round and I'm making breads and crackers so I'm going to look to sell and get an Excalibur 9-tray I believe.

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