Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Live Foods Crash Course - 6 Lux Lunch - Raw Carrot Ginger Soup

Today has been a lot of fun. I was invited to the office of a friend of mine to do a live lunch with everyone there. People had a lot of questions about foods, preparation, buying, detoxing and much else. I was very warmly received and want to thank everyone there for their positive energy and interest in what I am doing.

There was so much information and so many questions that I have started writing another piece to address all of that. The central themes that I will begin outlining for that are:

1. transitioning your diet 2: raw preparations 3: acquiring good quality foods

For now though, we go back to the beginning of my day, which was last night; Making the Lunch!

I used a base recipe from here

Raw Carrot Ginger Soup:

But had some issues with the preparation, most of which were funny and so I modified a bit. I ended up not having enough carrot juice to make 4x this recipe. I also had very big avocados and not very sweet carrots... I was tired and am still in the process of getting this kitchen setup fine-tuned. This is significant because it led to me spilling some carrot juice which there was already too little of; This then became an issue because the salt measurement in the soup was added based on the original recipe... HAHA, I was a bit of a disaster, but... I went ahead and put the ingredients together anyway, including about: (minus stuff in these!)

10 cups of carrot juice and
6 avocados
1/2 cup of ginger (+2T)
1/2 cup lemon juice (+2T)
2 T sea salt

(1 t cayenne)
(1/2 t allspice)
(1 orange, peeled (I left seeds in)
(1 cup+ apple cider)

I found this to be a little salty, too thick, not sweet enough, not enough character and missing something I wasn't sure of yet. (this is in no way a comment on original recipe as I had not followed it very closely) I looked around and considered possibilities with a mild sort of broken- down-car-on-the-highway desperation; Too thick and too salty meant most likely increasing volume... I was out of carrots which could have been an easy fix... I had a few things that I felt could do it, but only a couple that seemed well in line with the character I wanted; Water I felt was unacceptable.

I pulled 1/3 gallon out and returned to the blender and added an orange... that helped and was even the right color... I added another couple of T ginger juice as well as Lemon Juice and about a cup+ of some very pulpy apple cider that happened to be there... This really started to work, so I returned it to the balance. After a round of tastings with folks I added 1/2 t allspice and 1 t cayenne to bring it around and it was right. The apple cider I used makes it not all raw, but you could do it with fresh, so I call it legal in a pinch. Enjoy!

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