Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Live Foods Crash Course - Intro

Many people in western society today have come to a place where they are unsure of how to feed themselves properly, of how to shop for foods, prepare them, store them or feel that they just do not have the time or energy to give to these practices, some say they just don't like cooking. There are myriad reasons why people feel this way including anything from working long hours to never learning how much of it works, to feeling discouraged after watching so much of the food they buy go off, or come out poorly after the time spent preparing it. Whatever the reasons for staying out of the kitchen, there are more and better for getting into the kitchen. All that most folks need is some basic understanding that will get them past some basic hurdles such as: What to Buy, What to Make, What is good for me, What do I have time for, How do I do that???

This blog will offer something along the lines of what the title portends, Live Foods Crash Course. In it we will go into a lot of questions I've been asked about how to make all sorts of foods, raw food preparation, buying, storing, avoiding toxins in foods, cooking, uncooking, eating live foods to feel great, more energy, losing weight and much more. There will be links to recipes, other natural food sites, private consultation and other relevant information. Let us know what you would like to know more about!

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