Friday, February 13, 2009

Live Foods Crash Course - 2 Refrigerator

One of the freakiest places in a person's kitchen is often the refrigerator. Some of the things that will offer the best diagnosis of the health of this organ are: Is the fridge full of condiments and bottled sauces? Are there use-by dates stamped on that remind you of the last career change you made? Are there things obviously going off, turning green or trying to eat the carrots you just bought? Is the refrigerator a barren wasteland with a bottle of water, a take-out container from Taco-Ted's, some ketchup and a soda that was there when you moved in? In any case, if the fridge is off your radar, it needs some love, otherwise the good things we want to put in there either have no room to go, or are at risk of spoiling due to the already rotted foods around them.

Cleaning out the fridge can be a great way to get some of your energy back and clearing up blockages. Things that nobody cares about hanging around your place suck the energy and freshness out of what you are intending. Break that stagnancy by opening the door cleaning and getting rid of stuff that you do not use or have not looked at forever. Take a look at the labels on some of these products that may be there and notice all of the ingredients that may not even be food. Empty out glass containers, wash them up and use for storage of all the tasty creations you will make in the future (glass is much better than plastic for taste, quality and toxicity of foods).

With counters cleared, refrigerator gone over, sink emptied and trash out the kitchen starts to take on the form necessary to welcome fresh foods, people and creativity into its midst. The hearth has begun to reawaken to its timeless purpose within the fabric of our lives. We need only bring the life energy of fruits, vegetables, our enthusiasm for fresh meals and the folks we love to eat with to make it complete.

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