Sunday, December 28, 2008

Site Introduction

When it comes to one's own happiness, it seems to me that there is a basic formula that many people miss.

When you feel make good decisions. When you make decisions that originate FROM that feeling, and are probably not the best decisions you could have made for your own well being.

And think about it...your current life situation is the culmination of ALL the decisions that you have ever made. What would your life be like right now if, let's say for the past year, you had been ecstatically, blissfully happy EVERY SINGLE MOMENT...and all of your decisions evolved from that feeling. In many ways, your success in life is directly tied to your personal, physical health.

Live Natural is a group blog dedicated to the sharing and exchange of information that we have found that has made us happier as individuals...clearer minded, more directed, more passionate about life. It's about the food we eat, the things in our environment, the thoughts in our head. And finally it's about creating a body of knowledge from which we can help each other love and appreciate every moment that we are alive.


  1. wow dude, deep. i hope everyone finds this information as useful as i.

  2. you are awesome Gabe! I like this alot!

  3. I feel more positive already! Thanks for sharing, Gabe. I intend to glean all I can :)